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kOmMa5 bracelet "Auszeit"

This bracelet is a combination of different brown and - natural shades. The golden clasp goes perfectly with the strap colours and the small porcelain bead in bronze.
Among other things, a great piece of jewellery for the nature-loving among you. 

kOmMa5 Plaque 13 "BERGLIEBE"

Engraved plaque 13mm by kOmMa5® in stainless steel: "LEBE LIEBE LACHE" * Since each plaque is punched manually, the final product can deviate from the preview image.

kOmMa5 bracelet "Vinschgau"

Double wrap bracelet by kOmMa5® with 6 strands in 1x dark blue, 1x grey, 1x light blue glitter, 1x light bronze glitter, 1x bordeaux red, 1x light green, 2 suitable pearls and clasp in stainless steel