„Everybody said that it couldn't be done - until someone came along who didn’t know that and just did it." 

Hi, i’m Martina, nice to meet you.
I am very glad that you want to know more about me and kOmMa5, so I just tell you my story.

I was pregnant, with my daughter Lina and to be honest, I was really bored at home. So I started to create some jewellery for my friends -  at home on the kitchen table. My first tries were jewellery made of coffee tabs. One day I ordered leather straps, but they send me faux leather straps. Exactly this ones, we now use for producing our bracelets. I have been thinking for a long time about what I could make out of it and then I had the idea to combine different colors of the straps and stick it in a magnetic clasp.
My friends were really enthusiastic and they motivated me to visit my first market. So I stand there, on my first market in my hometown Naturns and I was very excited.

The visitors liked my bracelets and I enjoyed it so much that I moved form market to market. My family supported me a lot, so my brother, my father and me often sat at the kitchen table at home and made bracelets in wonderful combinations.
At this time I lived in a small appartement with my husband and my children, that almost became a workshop for the same time. For a short time, we lived between pearls, coffee tabs and faux leather straps.
Soon a freind gave me the possibility to get an own small room in Naturns for producing my jewellery. It was really nice to have my own room where I could express my creativity freely. My brother and me decided to walk some oft he way together, so we had to search for a bigger room.
Since then we have our Showroom in the Bahnhofstraße, which is also our workshop and office, a place to feel good. 
Slowly we built up our online shop, we visited markets and were so happy about all the visitors in our Showroom. Together we experienced some beautiful moments and in 2018 we elighted to win the German Design Award.
Since March 2020 I lead the South-Tyrolean jewellery label kOmMa5 on my own again, my employees Betty, Debbi & Karin support me a lot.
We are always pleased about the positive feedback and the satisfaction of our customers, big thanks for that.
Thanks to this extraordinary time oft he last year I had a lot of time, to occupy myself with a new project -  be excited…

Warm greetings,

Martina NEU