Fragrance diffuser "lotus flower"

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Fragrance diffuser as a clip with the symbol of the lotus flower for your car, the office or wherever you like.

The diffuser can be opened in front so you can change the falt pads, you can choose between 6 different sets. 
Just put a few drops of essential oil on the pads, depending on how intense you like it, and enjoy the scent.

Do you know the meaning of the lotus flower?

It's the symbol of (re)birth, 

Symbol für (Wieder)Geburt, self-realisation and spiritual enlightenment.
It takes root in dark, muddy waters and is known to transform into a flower that shows its beautiful blossoms above the water's surface.
Just as this flower goes through many things before blossoming, human consciousness is also constantly evolving towards enlightenment. Without going through the difficult lessons of being human (mud), a person could never reach a higher state of consciousness (lotus).


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